What does "characteristic value" mean?

Explanation of the term "characteristic value" in the technical data of sensors with Wheatstone bridge

The characteristic value of a sensor is the change of the output signal at 100% load (at nominal force).

The term is defined in the VDI guideline 2638: output signal at rated force, decreased by the zero signal ...

The output signal is expressed in mV per volt bridge voltage (mV/V).

Typical characteristic values of sensors are 2 mV/V, or 1 mV/V, or 0.5 mV/V, partly also 3 mV/V. A sensor with sensitivity 2 mV/V (at nominal force) therefore provides 10mV output signal with an amplifier of 5V bridge supply voltage  (as differential voltage between + bridge output and - bridge output)

The characteristic value thus corresponds to the slope of the sensor. The denominator is missing, it is in the definition "at nominal force".