At what intervals should the sensor be recalibrated

Recommendation for setting the calibration interval

For example, a simple recommendation is to recalibrate every 12 months for normal use, maybe every 6 months for heavy use, and every 24 months for occasional use.

But the decision about the interval is up to the user.

An important criterion for the decision to recalibrate is the risk associated with long-term drift or damage to the sensor,
and which own measures have been taken to minimize the risks.

An important measure for checking the usability is, for example, monitoring the zero signal of the sensor when it is removed.
This zero signal is specified on the test report or on the calibration certificate. If the zero signal of the sensor deviates by e.g. 0.5 mV/V, this can be an indication of intensive use with e.g. several thousand load changes, or an indication of a strong one-off or slight recurring overload.

Another measure to minimize the risk can be a "sensor logbook" in which all events such as overloading, falling on the floor, moisture, reassembly, etc. are noted.