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How long can you record on a 32GByte SD card

Calculation of recording duration for GSV-6BT at 50Hz and 900Hz data frequency


With one sensor and 50Hz / 900Hz permanent data recording, how big is a data packet? Or rather. how long can I record with a 32GB memory card?


A measured value line is 34 bytes long for one channel. The file header is 153 bytes in size.

It is recommended to distribute the recording over several files. You can configure how many lines a file should have.

If we assume 1000,000 values per file, then up to 892 files fit in, i.e. 28923 MB (a 32GB SD card has slightly less free capacity because of the FAT32 file system).

A file would be full after 5,55h at 50Values/s (so 4955,5 h = approx. 206 days per card) .

At 926/s (exactly 900/s is not possible) one file fits about 18 minutes, i.e. 267.5 h = approx. 11 days per card.