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Shielding of connecting cables

Shielding, measures to reduce the noise amplitude

The shield should preferably be connected to the measuring amplifier.

  • For measuring amplifiers GSV-3USB, GSV-2MSD with SUB-D15 input socket: to PIN 1, alternatively to the connector housing
  • for GSV-8DS measuring amplifiers with SUB-D15HD input socket: to PIN 1, alternatively to the connector housing
  • for measuring amplifiers GSV-8DS with SUB-D44HD or GSV-1A4 or GSV-4USB SUB-D37 input socket on PIN 1, alternatively on the connector housing
  • all other measuring amplifiers: on GND
  • alternatively, if GND e.g. not available in the connector: to -Us (negative sensor supply)

Attention: In the case of sensors with connectors, the shield is connected to the sensor housing via the connector housing. In this case, it is often better not to additionally connect the shield to the measuring amplifier, as otherwise equalizing currents can flow via the shield. It is then better to ground the sensor housing.

For more information, refer to this document: kb shield_en.pdf

Note: The ground of the supply voltage and the ground for the further processing analog-digital conversion should be connected together at the measuring amplifier.

In other words:

  • A pair of wires supply voltage and ground leads from the power supply to the measuring amplifier.
  • A pair of wires output signal and ground leads from the measuring amplifier to the AD converter.