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Running time of the data logger GSV-6BT

Calculating the runtime of the GSV-6BT in battery mode

The measurement amplifier and data logger GSV-6BT is powered by a 1-cell LiPo battery 3.7 V nominal voltage. (When charged, the voltage is approx. 4.05 V in discharged state approx. 3.6 V).

The power consumption with established Bluetooth connection is approx. 50...60 mA, independent of the configured data frequency (1 Hz ... 500 Hz)

The current consumption in standby is about 0.8 mA.

With a 2.2 Ah  battery can be worked 36 hours. The runtime can be extended by connecting several cells in parallel.

The data logger can also be operated without Bluetooth connection. In this case, the configuration must be selected so that the GSV-6CPU module with the SD card remains powered on when the Bluetooth connection is terminated.