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Pin assignment K3R70, K3R110

How to connect the 4-channel sensors K3R with a common sensor supply for 4 channels

With the K3R70 and K3R110 sensors, we had to compromise on the connection cable due to the small dimensions.
The complete bridge with 2 lines supply Us+, Us- and 2 lines bridge signal Ud+ and Ud- is only led out once on channel 1.
For channel 2 to 4 the supply of channel 1 is used in the sensor. So channel 2 to 4 has only the connections Ud+ and Ud-. There are no sense wires.


Supply=bridge supply (Us+, Us-)
Measuring signal=bridge output (Ud+, Ud-)
Sensor cable : not available.

Channel 1

Please connect channel 1 according to the instructions. For measuring amplifiers which require a connection at the input sensor line (e.g. HBK, QuantumX): Please put a bridge from supply+ to sensor line+ and from supply- to measuring signal-.

Channels 2 to 4

Please connect only measuring signal+ and measuring signal- of the corresponding channels. Supply+ and supply- remains free.
But sensor line+ and sensor line- use from channel 1.