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Set the number of decimal places in the display

Setting the Display of GSV-2ASD, GSV-2FSD, GSV-2MSD

With the software GSVmulti you can set the number of significant digits. The number of decimal places is then determined automatically on the basis of the measuring range.

The default setting is: 6 significant digits including decimal point
+0.1234 mV/V for the measuring range 2 mV/V or 3 mV/V
-123.45 N for the measuring range 500 N

The noise amplitude (Max-Min) over the last 100 measured values is of the order of measuring range/50000 for the GSV-2, so that in the standard setting approximately the last digit is not stable.

Please note: The noise amplitude is also influenced by the set data frequency. At 10Hz one reaches 50000 parts of the measuring range as resolution (Max-Min). At 1000Hz there are then approx. 5000 parts of the measuring range under ideal conditions (no 50Hz interference, no interference from frequency converters, power supplies, etc.)