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Is it possible to configure the data logger so that it immediately starts recording data when the battery is plugged in?

Starting Recording on the GSV-6BT

Yes, in principle.

However, this is not recommended because the onboard clock (RTC), which is needed for correct time stamps, needs the battery plugged in even when the device is off.

If you plug it in again without setting the clock (via software), it will start at 0:00h on 1.1.2001.

It would be better to equip the GSV-6BT with a switch that allows you to start and stop data recording and keep the battery plugged in at all times.

The battery can also be charged with approx. 5V. You can record up to 19 h with one battery charge. A digital input is provided for this switch. Alternatively, you can connect to the GSV-6Bt via Bluetooth and start recording via software.