Mounting position of the sensor

Influence of the installation position and fixation of the connection cable on the non-moving side of the sensor

The mounting position horizontally or vertically has only influence on the "zero signal", which is adjusted upon commissioning.

The force (or torque) is introduced at one end of the sensor, at the other end of the sensor has an abutment, ie, the force or torque is taken there.

For small measurement ranges, it is useful to arrange the cable outlet to the non-moving side of the sensor. Otherwise, the movement of the cable could cause a force or a torque indicator.

For load cells, it may be advisable to mount the side with the cable outlet, for example, at the bottom of a container. Then, although the end is moved with the cable (by a few tenths of a millimeter), but you can make an elastomeric bearing foot on the floor and the load cell is often better protected against water and humidity.