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Error message "Device: Access from this port denied (other port seems to have write access)"

GSV-8 with EtherCat or CANopen interface

You seem to have a GSV-8 EtherCAT device. If you look at the back of the unit, you will see a green "ECR" LED at the top. Is it lit or blinking?

If it flashes, EtherCAT is active, i.e. the device is in one of the EtherCAT operating modes (i.e. all device-states except "Init"). In this state you cannot write parameters, hence the error message "Other port seems to have write-access". (this should be the case, otherwise data inconsistency could occur in the device or in application programs if device parameters were changed via several ports). This state can also occur if apparently no EtherCAT master software is started.

To solve this, the easiest way is to switch off the GSV-8, disconnect all EtherCAT port lines and then switch it on again and perform the parameterization via USB.