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Calculation of the characteristic of the output signal

Calculation of the scaling factor from the characteristic value of the sensor and the measuring range of the measuring amplifier

We consider the entire measuring chain consisting of sensor and amplifier:

Respectively the slopes of the curves are given for the sensor and the amplifier.

the sensor for example 2,000 mV / V per 100.0 N
at the measuring amplifier for example 10.00 V per 2,000 mV / V

Sensor and amplifier are connected in series, the characteristic values ​​are therefore multiplied together:

  • 2,000mV / V / 100,0N x 10,00V / 2,000mV / V = ​​0.1 V / N
  • 10N corresponds 1V
  • 100N corresponds 10V

NOTE: The slope of the sensor characteristic is referred to as "characteristic". The characteristic value is always given as output at (pro) nominal power

the slope of the amplifier characteristic is referred to as "input sensitivity". 100% of the output signal is obtained at the input sensitivity.

The zero signal of the sensor (output at 0 power) and the zero signal of the amplifier (Ausgangsgssignal at 0 input voltage) are not included in the calculation. With the zeroing function, this constant error is matched.